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Written an open source user system for web apps

By Alicia Sykes, on Saturday 19th July 2014. Categorised in Computers.

Most web developers will know how tedious writing or setting up an entire complete user system can be every time you want to create a web app that requires authentication. So I've creates a simple PHP based user system, that can just be included into projects and have calls made to it when needed.


It has all the features a normal web app would require from a user system:

  • Log In
  • Sign Up
  • Confirm Account
  • User Settings
  • User Profiles
  • Reset Password
  • Manage Users 
  • And some more....
I've also put together a full working demo and published the source code, which includes some nice jQuery forms for all the user sign up, log in, settings, process.



The icons and graphics were designed by my brother, Joe Sykes

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