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Study Time - Developed app to reduce distractions while studying

By Alicia Sykes, on Friday 21st October 2016. Categorised in Computers.


Study Time is an open source Android application to reduce distractions while studying.
Any student will know that mobile phones are a massive distraction to studying, but also have some utilities that help you get your work done, such as calculator or Wikipedia. This weekend I developed an application that aims to reduce the distractions cause by your Android device.

The interface is simple, you enter the amount of time you need to stay focused for, and press start. Study mode will mute all notifications and disable home and back buttons. It's not immediately easy to get out of the app once your in study mode, though you do still have access to core features such as emergency dialer, time...  Once the timer reaches zero you once again have full access to your phone.

Technical Details

The app is built as a launcher that temporarily overrides the users default launcher. This will ensure that if they press the home button they can not close the app easily. There is also a timer that will run once study mode is enabled.


Google Play - the app is available to download for free from the Play store
GitHub - all code is open source and available on GitHub along with graphics
Amazon App Store - [coming soon to Amazon]
YouTube - promo video

Screen Shots

Start Screen
Timer Screen

Additional Views



The icons, video and site were done by Joe Sykes

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