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How to see who's actually viewed your Facebook profile

By Alicia Sykes, on Saturday 19th July 2014. Categorised in Tutorials.

No installing, downloading or external applications required, a quick and relativity simple way to see the
friends or fb users who have viewed your profile in the last 30 days - it's also completely anonymous.

Note: this only works if your privacy settings allow your profile to show in search results, which are the defaults. Also Facebook do update and change their site all the time, so can't guarantee this will still work in the future.

In this demo I'm using Chrome, but it can be done in any browser.

1. Go to your profile, right click anywhere and press "View page source"

2. Press Ctrl+F and enter the following code

Press Ctrl+F or go to your browsers find menu, paste in the bar this:   ([A-Z0-9._\u0025+-]+\
It should return one result, about 20% of the way down the page.

3. Find the list of ID's of the users who viewed your profile

About 4 lines below the line you have just found using Ctrl+F, you will see a long list of numbers, surrounded with "" and separated by commas. Each of these is an ID for a Facebook user who has recently been on your profile.

Select a number (by double clicking on it), be sure to only select the number and no punctuation, ignore the -2 that follows the ID. Then copy this number to your clip board (Ctrl+C).

4. Find out which of your friends this ID represents.

Finally you can find out who this Facebook user is by going to:<ID OF USER> 
without the < >.

5. Done!

Finally the profile of the person who viewed your profile should be displayed, you can do this for each of the ID's in the list.

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