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Triathlon Done!

By Alicia Sykes, on Friday 9th August 2013. Categorised in Sports.
Today I did my first triathlon :) I did it with 4 friends, and it was a good day out. Got to say I genuinely enjoyed pretty much every moment of it, (despite being near the back most the way round!).
That's me on the far left, with the rest of the team   

The swim was 1.5 km, in a lake, (and the first time I've done an open water swim), followed by a 40 km cycle ride, which was fast and fun, then finally running 3 laps of the lake, which was about 10 km. I did it in about 3 and a half hours, which isn't amazing, but I was happy with it because it was so much faster than I would have done it a year ago.

If your considering doing one, I'd say definitely go for it! 

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