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Chilton 100

By Unknown, on Friday 5th June 2015. Categorised in Sports. (Read on Blogger)

The Chilton 100 was a 122km /177km sportive in the Chilton Hillshttp://humanrace. co. uk/events/cycling/chiltern-100-sportive. ....

Vitality Run Hackney 2015 (21km)

By Unknown, on Sunday 17th May 2015. Categorised in Sports. (Read on Blogger)

     A fast and flat half marathon through Hackney (East London), with 13,000 runners and a route including the Olympic park, Hackeny Empire and some of the green spaces of Hackeny marshes and Victoria park. . ....

Vitality Oxford Half Marathon 2014

By Unknown, on Tuesday 21st October 2014. Categorised in Sports. (Read on Blogger)

The Oxford half marathon is a 13. 1 mile flat run though Oxford city, including Iffley Road, Cowely, the Mini Plant, the River Thames + Canal Path and this year the Iffley running track and a "Banister Mile" which was separately timed. the startA not so great photo of me coming into the finishMap of the route, tracked using RuntasticI tracked my run (as always) with Runtastic, by far my favourite sports tracking app. ....

Princes Trust Palace to Palace 2014

By Unknown, on Tuesday 7th October 2014. Categorised in Sports. (Read on Blogger)

View from the starting linePalace to Palace was a charity cycle ride in aid of the Princes Trust and sponsored by Saudi Arabia, it's an annual event which took place on the 5th of October 2014 this year. The standard ride was a scenic 45 mile (72km) route from Buckingham Palace to Windsor Castle, including Westminster, Richmond, alot of countryside and small villages and finishing at Windsor. ....

The British 10k 2014

By Unknown, on Sunday 13th July 2014. Categorised in Sports. (Read on Blogger)

On the 13th of July 2014 nearly 25,000 runners descended onto Piccadilly for the Vitality British 10k charity run, with 10% of the runners running for Help for Heroes. The route went past many iconic sights of London, including Buckingham Palace, St James Palace, Westminster Abbey and many more. ....

Weekend of climbing and trekking in Wales

By Unknown, on Monday 9th June 2014. Categorised in Army. (Read on Blogger)

The view from the (very very windy) topThis weekend a group of us went up to North Wales on Friday evening to go climbing and trekking. We split into two groups so that one group would climb on the first day and walk on the second and visa versa for the second group. ....

Ex. Spartan Hike 2014 - Nordic Skiing

By Unknown, on Friday 28th February 2014. Categorised in Army. (Read on Blogger)

Top of the Col'de IzardExercise Spartan Hike is the British Army regional nordic skiing championships held in French Alps. Our training consisted of 2 and a half weeks on Ex. Blue Nordic Steel before Christmas followed by a further week after Christmas before the competitions started. ....

Oxford Half Marathon 2013

By Unknown, on Sunday 2nd March 2014. Categorised in Sports. (Read on Blogger)

Me coming into the finish line The Oxford half marathon was held on the 13th of October, it was a good course, starting at the mini plant in Cowley, and going all around Oxford including along the river, through the city centre, through Iffley and seeing all the sites of Oxford. ....

Triathlon Done!

By Unknown, on Friday 9th August 2013. Categorised in Sports. (Read on Blogger)

Today I did my first triathlon :) I did it with 4 friends, and it was a good day out. Got to say I genuinely enjoyed pretty much every moment of it, (despite being near the back most the way round!). That's me on the far left, with the rest of the team   The swim was 1. ....


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When I'm not coding, I enjoy sports, socialising, chilling and thinking about code! I am a Christian, and a lot of the work I do is done with Jesus in mind. I am always happy to work for free or cost price on charitable or Christian projects.

All posts are my own views, and do not necessarily represent those of my employer(s)

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