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Unit Testing and why it should be used

By Alicia Sykes, on Sunday 11th October 2015. Categorised in web-dev. (Read on Blogger)

What is Unit Testing? Unit testing is where the program is broken down into a series of units, or functions, or areas - each of these is tested individually/standalone in a lot of detail. This allows us to check that each function works as it should. ....

Coverage testing in Node.js with Istanbul

By Alicia Sykes, on Sunday 4th October 2015. Categorised in web-dev. (Read on Blogger)

What is Coverage Testing? Coverage testing determines what proportion of your source code is covered by your tests.   It's useful to be able to check this as your developing/writing tests/testing so that you can aim as close as possible for 100% How do I use Coverage Testing in my Node. ....

Setting up a unit testing environment in Node.js

By Alicia Sykes, on Sunday 27th September 2015. Categorised in web-dev. (Read on Blogger)

Example Project https://github. com/Lissy93/quick-example-of-testing-in-nodejs Introduction In this post we'll go through the complete process of setting up your test environment in a Node. js app, and then write a few simple unit tests. Although I've aimed this for Node apps, you should be able to follow these steps for any JavaScript setup such as Ionic. ....

Introduction to Test Driven Development

By Alicia Sykes, on Sunday 20th September 2015. Categorised in web-dev. (Read on Blogger)

First off, what do tests provide us with? Documentation code Catch future errors Long-term time savings - because errors have been found before anythings been deployed to production Although all the above are true, using tests like this is just a tool - not a process. ....

How to write a gulpfile

By Alicia Sykes, on Sunday 13th September 2015. Categorised in web-dev. (Read on Blogger)

Setting up a new project and getting it ready for Gulp Gulp is simple to set up. Presuming you have Node. js already installed: In the command line, navigate into the root of your project working directory Install Gulp with npm install gulp --save-dev what this will do will add gulp into your node_modules folder. ....

Introduction to automating your tasks with the gulp.js build tool

By Alicia Sykes, on Sunday 6th September 2015. Categorised in web-dev. (Read on Blogger)

What is Gulp? Gulp. js is a streaming build system built on Node. js. This basically means that it can be configured to perform repetitive tasks and coding operations automatically during development. For example it can compile all your coffee scr ipt whenever your file changes, or it can minify your CSS, or maybe synchronize all your development browsers and constantly refresh them on file change. ....

Polymer and Moder Web API's

By Alicia Sykes, on Wednesday 24th June 2015. Categorised in web-dev. (Read on Blogger)

Polymer is part of the web platform team, and it officially began 3 years ago - but last week Google announced that 1. 0 has been released, and ready for production. Previously building web apps across multiple platforms and form factors was really challenging, different components are not always designed to work together - the answer to this is web components. ....

Introduction to react.js

By Alicia Sykes, on Monday 25th May 2015. Categorised in web-dev. (Read on Blogger)

React is a JavaScript framework built at Facebook, it was built to answer the question "How should we structure JavaScript applications". There are a lot of JavaScript frameworks that try to answer this question, most of them are MVC based (or MVVM or MVW) - basically they're all based around models - which are just observable objects that have some events api that allows you to subscribe to some changes on that object. ....

How to create a web service to send emails for you Android, iOS or web application

By Alicia Sykes, on Monday 25th May 2015. Categorised in web-dev. (Read on Blogger)

Since it's a common task to have to send emails from your app, this post outlines the quickest way to get a mail service up and running  using server side JavaScript, Parse and Mandrill. No JavaScript or web coding experience is needed. Set up Parse 1. ....


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Hey! I'm Alicia, a software engineer based in London, UK.

I love all-things-code, and my favourite pastime is developing open source applications. I'm always looking for new technologies to learn, and to find better ways of developing.

This blog is a collection of articles about new tech, specific tutorials, event and product reviews as well as a few posts on random topics and things I've been up to.

When I'm not coding, I enjoy sports, socialising, chilling and thinking about code! I am a Christian, and a lot of the work I do is done with Jesus in mind. I am always happy to work for free or cost price on charitable or Christian projects.

All posts are my own views, and do not necessarily represent those of my employer(s)

This blog is not regularly updated.
Since not much in my life is particularly interesting (lol), the blog is mainly used for articles about coding and tech, as well as a few tutorials and reviews.



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