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Jan, 2018
1 year ago

🎀 System Stats Widget for Linux

A minimal conky configuration to show real-time system resource usage on Linux

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This conky widget aims to show vital system stats at a glance, while also being simple, minimal and lightweight.

Conky is an open source, light-weight system monitor for X. It's easy to write widgets for, and can be used to display any kind of data directly on your desktop. For more info, see the Conky Wiki on GitHub


Firstly, if you haven't already - then install Conky for your system. See the Installation Wiki for distro-specific instructions.

Then download minimal-system-conky.conf, and pass it to conky, with the --config flag. e.g:

mkdir -p ~/.config/conky/
curl -o ~/.config/conky/minimal-system-conky.conf  \
conky --config ~/.config/conky/minimal-system-conky.conf


If you have an improvement that you'd like to make, feel free to submit a pull request.

© Alicia Sykes 2018
Licensed under MIT