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Sep, 2015
1 year ago

Hasami Shogi 🀄

2-player iPhone remake of the traditional Japanese board game, Hasami Shogi



Hasami shogi (はさみ将棋 hasami shōgi, "sandwiching chess") is a variant of shogi (Japanese chess). Unlike other shogi variants, it has only one type of piece and is won by capturing all but one of the opponent's pieces.

If you're interested in building something similar, I recommend taking a look a Ollie's version instead, OlliePoole/Hasami-Shogi

Thanks for taking a look, and you've any questions or suggestions, raise an issue and I'll (dust out my Apple Mac), and look into it :)

Note This was written while Swift was in version 1, and as such there are likely some much more recent board game code examples.


Fully-functional game play, with high-scores, multi-player (based on phone contacts), game play instructions and settings to customize the board and difficulty.


git clone [email protected]:Lissy93/hasami-shogi.git
cd hasami-shogi
pod install
open hasami-shogi.xcworkspace

© Alicia Sykes 2015
Licensed under MIT