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Mar, 2019
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Pax 📸

Detects and removes camera flashes from a video stream


The aim in developing this module was to use machine vision to detect and eliminate sudden contrast changes, caused mainly by camera speed light. Video footage containing fast flickering images, such as camera flashes is non-accessible for some people with photosensitive epilepsy. It also generally decreases the viewing quality of clips.

This project is a proof of concept, and as such it is yet optimised for production.
It was built at StartHack 19 by myself and Ollie, and won first place :)


Before After
Demo before running script Demo after running script
Chart showing luminosity against frame, before Chart showing luminosity against frame, after

Usage Instructions

Once you've cloned and cd'd into the repo, use Python 3 to run the Pax script, for example:

python3 -i path/to/your/video.mp4 -o path/to/your/dest.mp4 -c mp4v

Where the --ifile is your input, --ofile is your output, and --codec is your chosen, and installed codec

How It Works

Watch Interview

The general flow of the program:

Flow Chart

Developed at StartHack 19, won 1st place 🏆
© Alicia Sykes and Ollie Poole 2019
Licensed under MIT